son tanto felice alla fine tu sei un Santo

The ghost of Christmas Present
with Want and Ignorance 

Eight years ago last night my father in law celebrated his first night in heaven, after being killed in a tractor accident, on Ringers Farm, his pig farm, in East Anglia.
At his funeral I reminded a packed church that he would enjoy sitting at the dinner table specially erected for newcomers to the streets paved with gold, asking Jesus any number of uncomfortable questions. 

Walter Mesini never understood why the destitute and downtrodden on planet earth were always at the back of the line when it came to fresh drinking water, or wholesome food.

Eight years is a long time, and by now he may be a table monitor, or even a sub prefect. His dinner party discussions will have been, of course a joy to present at, and not only for the Cambozola cheese and red  (the only colour) wine – hopefully a 2004 Barolo. And by now he may have bumped into Charles Dickens, Mother Theresa, John Stott, and who knows even Bin Laden.

Always the conversation would have got round to Dickens’ imagery of want and ignorance, and he would have echoed the words of Christmas Carol – that as bad as want is you should above all fear ignorance.

John Stott would of course have reminded him of the quote from Ecclesiastes – that everything is utterly meaningless without God. In eight years dear Walter would heave learned a lot, and probably taught a lot too.

Vi benedica, sangue italiano

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