Hilda Ingham RIP

The oldest and the youngest. Hilda and Jordan

Hilda Ingham was the archetypal matriarch, head of a multi talented tribe of pioneers, born a Tyke and powered by revivalist Welsh genes. She spent the autumn of her life in Western Australia, where she died last week.

We recently saw in the UK a TV programme showing the importance of the Jewish Mother to the dynamics of her family. But it’s not only in Jewish families where the mother figure is both revered and driving force, for Hilda too achieved a similar iconic status. 
I’ll remember this remarkably energetic woman till I follow her to heaven.  

My sister Joy married into the Ingham family in the early 1960’s and has now experienced this power and energy exercised through love and discipline for more than half a century.

To say that Hilda was a fine woman is rather like saying that Bobby Moore was a decent half back. Like Bobby, Hilda was a model team player, who led by example. She has guided her team to within touching distance of the promised land, but will, like Bobby, be sorely missed.

She died on Thursday morning, victim to the nervous nineties, but will remain an inspiration to all who knew her, and a saint to every member of her family. 
She’s pictured above with Jordan, her great grandson, and himself a living  miracle.
God bless you Hida. One day we’ll catch up in heaven.   

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