President Lincoln and Mandelson

Abraham Lincoln and Peter Mendelson

But Peter, what really sets Lincoln apart from others, including you, was that he had principles that formed his political talk. He believed in equality of black and white, which wasn’t negotiable.
The Spielberg film Lincoln is being launched in the UK.
Was Lincoln ever on the gravy train?
I’d like to think he wasn’t, and that for him conviction politics meant that you followed your principles and were not tempted to compromise them by the offer of a few shekels.
Today we see Peter Mandelson doing an ad for the  film, comparing his own sacrifices with those of Abraham Lincoln.
As a Labour voter it’s embarrassing to listen to Mandelson say: “When I look back at Lincoln’s presidency and what he had to struggle through, I see a man who had a great sense of conviction, of moral certitude, that he was right and changes that needed to be made were absolutely necessary for the US at the time. He was somebody who was also prepared to use pragmatic means to arrive at his goal. Recruiting his rivals and his adversaries to the cause he was pursuing… This is the art and skill of politics.”

You,, by contrast, were one of the architects of New Labour, and a political operator whose ’cause’, as far as it is possible to identify one at all, was to swing the party rightwards and continue the ‘reform’ programme begun by Margaret Thatcher through more surreptitious means. So Matthew Carr writes in The Week, today, and his argument is irresistible.

Matthew goes on to say that Peter Mandelson famously declared that “New Labour is intensely relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”. Throughout his career, this essential principle has informed his actions both as a cabinet minister and as EU Trade Commissioner, where he has assidiously courted oligarchs and plutocrats, and done his best to promote their interests whenever possible. Peter Mandelson has gone on to earn more that £1 million per year in the aftermath of the New Labour government.   

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