Beheaded in London

A Mancunian was beheaded in London last week. 
I feel sick that there are in our community weirdos who have such contempt for human life.
It was obscene that the perpetrator tried to justify his crime to onlookers.
The end has never justified the means, and when I look at Auschwitz, the 2001 twin towers destruction, the Hiroshima bomb, and even the crucifixion, all I see is the dehumanisation of all of us.   
That the murderer was a black Muslim makes me concerned for the many law abiding black Muslims in the UK.

Without any doubt the idiotic ultra right wing will blame black Muslims, and the wider black community, who to a man will be as  disgusted by this isolated terrorist act perpetrated by extremist thugs as am I (lo these thugs were born and bred in Essex, in the same green and pleasant land as Bobby Moore, bless (?) them).

The “crime” of the victim, Lee Rigby was that he was a British soldier. He was a bandsman, a drummer.
In memory of Lee I play the funniest Youtube video of a drum solo, which I’m sure the victim knew well. 
However  else these scum demean us they must not take away from the British our well developed sense of fun.
Lee would understand this, and no condemnation of these children’s sick minds, nor of the twisted motives of their mentorsis too severe.

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