Man City 1 Munich 3

Yesterday was the anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. If my maths is would have been his 114th birthday. Next to Jesus he was probably the man with most (of importance) to say.
Yesterday also marked a day when my son took me to see the spectacle of the champions of the English Premiership being humiliated by the most successful team Germany has ever known. Bayern Munich.
The view was excellent, the humiliation total.
Would Gandhi have rejoiced in the cynical fouls exacted by both sides? 
No he would not, for he said that “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”. According to the City fans sat near us the linesman was blind to the laws of the game, and they let him know it in a most un-Gandhi like way.
Apart from the on pitch cynicism I was also struck by the middle class disciplines of the hosts. No trainers were permitted, and most in the hospitality suite wore suits, ties, and polished chisel toes. Most un-Gandhi like dress.
Very Germanic. I’m sure Margaret Thatcher would have approved of the dress code. 
This is football 2013.
Click your heals if you like it. 

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