Put him on the naughty step

This is totally incredible.
A hundred years ago there was a cricket team called the Corinthians. When a penalty was given against them their goalkeeper would walk aside an allow the penalty taker to score.
Last night we we saw Luis Suarez sink his teeth into an Italian’s shoulder.
Shocked, the Italians lost concentration and conceded a goal within minutes. Suarez’s team Uruguay went on to win the match and claim a quarter final place.
How often have you put your child, or grandchild on the naughty step?
This is how we learn that there are consequences to misbehaviour.

And that’s where Suarez should go now.

What’s more every goal he has scored in this World Cup should be deleted, and that means Italy should go through to the next round and Uruguay eliminated.

Anything less is a license for school children to bite opponents on the sports field.
Can you imagine a wicketkeeper biting a batsman between deliveries?
Or a prop forward biting his opposite prop during a scrum?

It is beyond belief.

Mama Mi vergogno di essere umano

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