Energy prices

Dear Mr Cameron

I’m knee deep in letters from competing energy companies, and inundated by phone calls from call centre staff, most of whom don’t know an amp from a joule, though I guess that doesn’t make them any different to Tesco sales staff, most of whom don’t know much about the products they are trained to enthusiastically sell.

But perhaps it’s because energy is a staple, like water, sewage, and health that I expect its sellers to be less gung ho than someone selling you a pound of sausages, or a pink brassiere.

I write because when at the end of 2012 energy firms unleashed a fresh round of price increases, sending average bills soaring above £1,300 per year, you, Prime Minister, weren’t backwards in coming forwards. You said in the House of Commons, “I can announce that we will be legislating so that energy companies have to give the lowest tariff to their customers.”

But the lowest tariff, Mr Cameron, is often the tariff of a competitor.
Did they do this?
If so I really would take my hat off to them.
Alas, predictably they didn’t.
So why did you tell a porky Mr Cameron?

But what really fires me up is that none of these “operators” have their own electricity generators or gas wells, and they all buy energy in the same marketplace. In theory all their lowest tariffs could be the same (unless they incur extra costs along the way).

Unfortunately there are extra costs to meet.
Like extraordinary pay to the energy top brass.
And employing staff to devise “unique” tariffs.
And advertising.

My own journey has been like this: I’m leaving E.on for EDF, a French company, because  .
Vincent de Rivaz, the chief executive of EDF’s British subsidiary, takes home £1.2 million per year.
Later in the day I was approached by First Utility, who offered an even cheaper tariff, more than 15% cheaper than E.on’s quote

First Utility’s CEO was poached from last  a couple of yeats ago.
My wife and I enjoyed a weekend break in Dublin a few years ago, courtesy of We didn’t know then that a weekend travel break specialist would have the credentials to run an energy company. But hey ho!

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