Donald Trump and Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD)

Anyone can see the danger that the Kim family brought to North Korea.
They labeled the country socialist-communist, but are far from being a society of equality.
They are vindictive dictators.

Kim Yong-Un is particularly unpleasant, but as I live thousands of miles away they’re not a threat to me or to those I love. 
I think they’ll get their comeuppance, probably a bloody awful one, but those who show no respect for the lives of those they bullied don’t deserve sympathy.

Kim Jon-Un is a narcissist, as are many leaders in politics and commerce.
Narcissism can lead to a more worrying variant, Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD).
Sufferers of this complaint have the following attributes.

1.   Have no sympathy for others, especially those they exploit.

2.   Are very controlling.
3.   Lie and distort facts and change events to suit their own agenda.
4.   Are irresponsible with money.
5.   Are unreliable.
6.   Live in a fantasy world which may include porn, flirting, affairs, and dreams of  unlimited success and fame.
7.   Are addicted to fantasy oriented behaviour.
8.   Are emotionally distant and unavailable unless they want something.
9.   Regularly provoke people and blame them for the fight.

10. Have trouble admitting their mistakes.

The egocentricity, lack of empathy and sense of superiority of a narcissist mixed with the impulsivity, deceitfulness and criminal tendencies of the antisocial, results in a psychopath, an individual who seeks the gratification of selfish impulses through any means without empathy or remorse.

I think Donald Trump has this problem.

I’m therefore concerned that the US has given power to someone so ill.

Trump’s populist pitch is frightening, and I fear he could begin World War 3, which would
mark the end of civilization in this part of the universe.

I was at the pharmacist’s today, and was served by a Muslim, Salim.

What a kind person he was.
The thought that he would be a danger to civilisation is ridiculous.

But Trump gets votes from people who think he might be.
He has psychiatric problems.

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