Animals, the defining factor

Betti Davis with doting owner

How mankind relates to creatures with less intellect (albeit incredibly superior in many other ways, both physical and emotional) says much about the state of this world.

Neighbour Susieblue Coreless recently lost her beloved Betti Davis. She had the comfort of being in her arms as she passed. 

A few years ago we gave George – a beautiful and  beefy rescue cat a home, buying him from the RSPCA.
He was beefy because he was castrated too late.

George, king of the cobbles

Having been junked by previous owners on a nearby roundabout as he couldn’t retract his claws. His autumnal years were spent in the company of doting owners and two other rescue cats, who knew him to be the boss.
It wasn’t great for the furniture, but his presence was a delight.
He died last year. 

Like Susieblue Lynne sat with our pet on his last night on the planet, and he died in her arms.

My favorite man of all time was Walter Mesini, father of my first wife Danila. He shared his life with 200 sows, a few thousand ducks, dogs, chickens, and Frisky, the pony.

He observed the idiocy of the phrase bad people behave like animals, when only humans are capable of calculated evil. 
Otto, the Weimaraner 

Danila, his daughter, and her partner Malcolm owned a friendly big dog Otto, a Weimaraner, but like Oates he went out for an evening pee but never returned. 
He died on the lawn.

The adjacent video shows how a man rescued a chimp from drowning. It confirms how loving many are to other creatures.
Whether George, Otto, or the chimpanzee, the way we respect our pets is indicative of the way we respect life.

The life of a rabbit, or a fox falls in the same category.

Even to a moth or a fly
They are all God’s creatures, and they all have a right to enjoy life. 

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