Is June the end of May?

Cuddly Theresa May 2017 

It’s not good, but it could have been worse.
Constitutional practice gives the Prime Minister the right to decide when to hold a General Election.

PM Theresa May therefore chose the time of the election when Jeremy Corbyn was at his weakest in the polls.
The cost of holding a general election is equal to the cost of building a couple of NHS hospitals, but hey ho, Theresa has medical insurance, so who cares about the cost of keeping her in Downing Street?

As the election result turned out she will need Ulster Unionist support to keep her in “power”.
The Ulster Unionist Party, founded by that lovable old rogue Rev Ian Paisley, wants to stop abortion and discriminate against homosexuals, but to support this wish list will be seen by Tories as a small price to pay to keep a Tory in Downing Street.

But there’ll be more criticism of her strategy.
Importantly, within her own party.
For as Churchill repeated many times the enemy you really need to watch out for is the enemy within.

In all probability June 8 will see the end of May.

And that’s good.

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Now 70, I'm getting back into website development and brand protection, as well as showcasing the delightful artistic talents of my beautiful wife Lynne. My projection will encompass a lifetime of database marketing, as well as the Christian democratic socialist ideals of my wife and I.

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