You’re fired!

Narcissistic psychopaths?  

I’ve never seen a full episode of The Apprentice, a TV program showcasing the big mouths of Donald Trump and Alan Sugar, but the deference that many have for their bullying is alarming.

Lewis Carroll wrote a fantasy novel more than 150 years ago about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, in which he coined the phrase “Off with their heads” to colourfully demonstrate the truth that absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

But when Trump prowled around the stage in his TV debates with Hillary Clinton, what was distasteful clearly went down very well with many US voters, and a bully became President. 

Last week Lord Alan Sugar said that if it were up to him Mrs May would be “fired”, and that Jeremy Corbyn should be sent to Siberia!

Without doubt, big mouths Trump and Sugar are narcissistic, and probably psychopathic.

This morning I found a story on MSN which explores the relationship between DNA and nurturing. Both DNA and upbringing can determine whether a child will grow up to be a psychopath here’s how

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