Is Boris a Clown?

Is Boris a Clown?

Does it really matter that much that Boris Johnson comes across as a buffoon?

Isn’t it more important that as a probable runner for the next Tory leadership we acknowledge his brain to be capable of wrestling with relatively important matters like peace on earth, the survival of the NHS, and Brexit?

Well yes it would be important if his brain was capable of such gymnastics.
But is it?

By every indication, it’s not.

The foreign secretary, one of the most senior members of this government, doesn’t know much of what was in the manifesto, and can’t differentiate between promises and what emerged in the Queen’s speech.

“Hang on a minute,” he pleaded with a BBC presenter Eddie Mair.
London’s former mayor desperately played for time. 
When one answer belatedly occurred to him he tried to answer, ignoring the fact that there have been several questions in the interim that have baffled him. 

In the end he resorted to banter, a drowning man clutching for a lifeline. 

Eddie Mair slapped him down by saying “This is not a Two Ronnies sketch.”

I attach a beautiful Two Ronnies sketch, to remind you of the mindset of Boris.

Is Boris really a clown?

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