Mrs May’s P45 joke

Cough it up, love. That’s what miners did. Your P45 is only a prop

The lengths people go to to stay in power!
A rehearsed “comic” stunt as a professional prankster handed Theresa May a fake P45 at the beginning of her closing Conference speech was the high point of her dull, uninspiring babble.
But collusion in such public school humour will have done her no favours.
She grabbed it as the dying clutch at straws.

“Boris sent me” said the prankster, with a finger-pointing “humour” typical of  schoolboy sketches.
To be truthful, it was probably Boris who wrote the sketch, penned over a bottle of vintage port.

But come on children. You’re supposed to be leading an important nation. It’s serious stuff, but Boris finds time to write drivel.

The UK is beset by Brexit problems, and here is a PM, a pro-remainer until her eyes caught the lure of Prime Ministerial proportions caused her to become a Brexiteer.

What is Brexit?
Theresa says that Brexit is Brexit.
But what she means is that Brexit means Number 10 Downing Street.
It’s sad.
But for someone so dull it’s all she has left.

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