Jack Charlton July 2020 RIP

. Big Jack Charlton left the planet yesterday.  As a Sheffield Wednesday fan I naturally loved a blunt northern  manager who brought considerable talents to the club for 5 years from 1977. I also met him at a company do and shook the legend’s hand. And earlier this month Vera Lynn, a vision I neverContinue reading “Jack Charlton July 2020 RIP”

What’s worse than coronavirus?

It’s probably Donald Trump.World leader.The world has been turned upside down by coronavirus.But if I had a choice between another Trump presidency or a longer bout of this deadly virus I’m pretty sure I’d opt for COVID 19.Because with the virus, one heck of a worldwide power, you know where you stand.And you know whatContinue reading “What’s worse than coronavirus?”

Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high There’s a wonderful world My Christmas message begins with Judy Garland’s song of 1939. The autumn is a special time for me. Brothers, twins Peter and John were born on October 4th1940. Mammy was born on Trafalgar day 1915. Both Peter and John died before their due date,Continue reading “Somewhere over the rainbow”

Toxic Christianity

Donald Trump’s survival as President relies on the support of many lunatics, amongst them a bizarre a collection of right wing evangelical “Christians”. I remember at Trump’s inauguration the son of  Billy Graham, Franklin, praised God for the man that many of us see as the Devil incarnate. You were wrong, Franklin, and your dad would turn overContinue reading “Toxic Christianity”

Oh-oh-oh what a lovely war!

Press this link in this title to go to a beautiful war song The headline is sarcastic because relying on violence to settle a dispute has never worked. It’s not lovely. It’s ugly. This year at 11.00 on 11th Nov 1918 many of us remembered the 100 years since the end of the 1914-18 Great War, named “the war to endContinue reading “Oh-oh-oh what a lovely war!”