Happy Birthday NHS

The Tories duplicity on the National Health Service was clear when one thinks of how all Conservative MPs were made to wear badges celebrating the NHS’ 70th birthday – a milestone which also happened to mark 70 years since the Tories voted 22 times against the creation of the institution they were now purporting toContinue reading “Happy Birthday NHS”

I have a Dream…

Chicago born Bishop Michael Curry stole the show at yesterday’s royal wedding of Meghan and Harry, constructing a sermon from a theme of Solomon, the wisest of the ancients, that “Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it out”. One of the first quotes he referred to was of Martin Luther King, assassinatedContinue reading “I have a Dream…”

A Thatcher makeover for May

I well remember Maggie Thatcher’s death 5 years ago. I was working near Trafalgar Square, and as I descended into Charing Cross tube a newspaper vendor hollered “Iron Lady dies, read all about it!” I shouted back, to the surprise of some commuters “She died 40 years too late!” Thatcher, the “milk snatcher” of the early 1970’s, and ourContinue reading “A Thatcher makeover for May”