How long before Trump goes?

Donald Trump is an all American parent with a difference.He lets his children eat sweets all day.Every day.Most parents give sweets because in the long run they know mum and dad will teach their kids how to behave. What I saw this Easter was a bemused Easter Bunny standing next to President Trump. Bemused becauseContinue reading “How long before Trump goes?”

Less Police, more crime

“Not my fault” says Home Secretary  Home Secretary Amanda Rudd claims that her cut of thousands of officers had nothing to do with the subsequent increase in street killings. In contrast the former Scotland Yard Commissioner, Ian Blair said the increase in London stabbings and shootings was the price paid for undermining intelligence-led neighbourhood policing. SoContinue reading “Less Police, more crime”

Weapons of Mass Destruction?

I admire Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to blame Russia for the nerve agent attack too quickly. It was the press which blindly followed the unreality of there being weapons of mass destruction several years ago.And the press ended up with egg on their faces. But if it’s shown that the affair is a Russian governmentContinue reading “Weapons of Mass Destruction?”

The Jeremy Kyle Show

I don’t watch the Jeremy Kyle show.He highlights the detail of sad lives, which I find neither entertaining nor instructive.I’d rather look at problems from a distance.But my wife revels in detail.She told me today of yesterday morning’s show, which featured a homeless drug addict.He begged on the street, to get enough money for anotherContinue reading “The Jeremy Kyle Show”