I’m not making this up! But Christmas in October?

I’m not making this up (as that silly woman Theresa May would say) but earlier today I shopped at Tescos in Accrington and was greeted by the tree in the photo.We’re only just out of October and Tesco are now promoting the  Christmas shopping season. It reminds me of when I was with Reader’s DigestContinue reading “I’m not making this up! But Christmas in October?”

Where do you go to my lovelies?

As a boy with a Sheffield Wednesday season ticket it didn’t make sense to me that with  ten minutes to go before the end of a home game  hundreds of flat capped Wednesday supporters vacated their seats in the stadium.  And if we weren’t winning the exodus was even more pronounced… The body language was clearContinue reading “Where do you go to my lovelies?”

Of men and mice

There are almost 7 billion people in the world. But how many mice are there? One morning a couple of months ago we discovered a liberal quantity of mice droppings in the cutlery and pots n pans drawers. Experts advised us that mice are incontinent, so the many droppings could well have come from one small family). Continue reading “Of men and mice”

The final curtain

96 years ago today, in 1915 my mother entered this world. Statistics show that she should have departed it before now. To be honest she would rather have gone before now than endure an undignified existence where she can’t control her waterworks, and where she relies on carers to wipe her bottom.Regrettably (perhaps), left to our body’sContinue reading “The final curtain”

Hey ho.The beginning of the month is here.My twin brothers were born on this day in (I think) 1940. John died (of diphtheria) before I was born in 1950, and Peter survived till his early 40’s before Multiple Sclerosis took him away.

Yesterday I recounted how a Christian view of forgiveness, and promised that today I would give a Muslim view of forgiveness and justice. In Christianity “Justice” is the province of the Old Testament, and “Forgiveness” of the New Testament, and since the Christian faith is based upon the New Testament,  “Forgiveness” trumps “Justice” every time.As promisedContinue reading