One of Joyce’s final acts – persuading us back to the fold!

Unseasonably hot weather today. The warmest day of the summer. Lynne and I attended the funeral service of a sweet lady, Joyce, who had died of cancer last weekend.We had first met her at St Nicholas church.And Lynne in particular warmed to this beautifully uncomplicated and innocent creature. In a world stuffed full of characters with outsizeContinue reading “One of Joyce’s final acts – persuading us back to the fold!”

The importance of passion!

But if at the interview you show enough to suggest that you have more than enough talent and ability to do the job, and you don’t fart (or at least not deliberately) then just what does the reason “doesn’t have the right cultural fit”…actually mean? Is cultural fit simply a pseudonym for illegal discrimination ,Continue reading “The importance of passion!”

Where is God is in all of this?

Earlier today I learned that Joyce Lord, a dear friend at St Nicholas, Newchurch died yesterday afternoon. We invariably touched hands as she returned from the communion rail to her pew on Sunday mornings. But when she died I was probably willing Sheffield Wednesday to score another goal. So where are my priorities? Equally, and in the schemeContinue reading “Where is God is in all of this?”

Lynne chooses Friday afternoons to visit and connect with her children and our  grandchildren, and George (our cat) just jumped on my desk to remind me that he’s an important member of the family too.  Connecting to others is important in understanding that mankind has a duty to take care of each other, whether 2 orContinue reading

A Mass for Peace – Agnes Dei

We’ve just gone through the anniversary of 9/11, when the use of violence to try and shape the world’s future was horribly demonstrated.Let’s pray that anarchy will never achieve the results it craves. Terrorism, no less than (and arguably much, much more than) “formal” warfare, is an ugly caricature of the armed man. This musical creation byContinue reading “A Mass for Peace – Agnes Dei”

Don’t laugh at me cos I’m a fool

Lynne and I were fortunate enough to visit the Isle of Man yesterday, and we are photographed here sitting next to a bronze of Norman Wisdom in Douglas, capital of the island (he’d died last October, age 95). Norman lived on the island for many years. An English comic born near Ladbroke Grove. He invariably portrayed a downtrodden,Continue reading “Don’t laugh at me cos I’m a fool”