The season begins

Dearest Accrington, Arsenal, Bolton (wild card), Bury, Fulham, Leeds, Liverpool, QPR, Newcastle, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham, Watford fans, and last but not least, Frickley Athletic… This weekend is really the big kick off. The race begins nowOr as they say in La belle France, La course commence maintenant.Relire, car c’est une partie de vos études Or as they say in l’AngleterreRead itContinue reading “The season begins”

Arsene Wenger is great

Some supporters got it wrong   This week the Telegraph and the Mail, two newspapers of dubious credibility reported that 78% of Arsenal fans want Arsene Wenger to leave the club.In fact only half of the 1,000 strong Arsenal Supporters Trust bothered to answer, and the AST is not representative of all Arsenal fans, whichContinue reading “Arsene Wenger is great”

t’Owls v t’Gooners

Earlier this week my football team, t’Owls, played t’Gooners in a Cup match.Not so much played them, but surpsingly thrashed them, 3-0.I’ll stop short of saying intimidated them in deference to the giant of a manager at the Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, who graciously accepted the result.Rivalry between the two clubs during my life has been big.UsuallyContinue reading “t’Owls v t’Gooners”