Muslim claptrap

Very funny BorisOr was it serious?You will be aware of the John Cleese sketch in Fawlty Towers “Don’t mention the war”. But whereas the Cleese interpretation was obviously comic, your take on likening veiled Muslim women wearing burkas to letter boxes and bank robbers wasn’t a rib tickler.Boris, this is your problem.You act as a comic.Not a statesman. YourContinue reading “Muslim claptrap”

Well done Mother Theresa

Putting Boris Johnson in charge of the UK’s foreign affairs was a masterstroke by Mrs May, our new Prime Minister. In one go she exposed Boris’s buffoonery to serious people, which will result in him losing credibility as a future rival to her premiership. Was this masterstroke a gamble?Well, yes it was. Because by appointingContinue reading “Well done Mother Theresa”

Corbyn’s clothes

How does David Cameron have the cheek to try and belittle Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn  because of his clothes?My advice to Jeremy is that he wears a copy of Oxford University’s Bollinger Club outfit to the next PM Question Time.The original suit cost £1,000!!!!!!!!David Cameron is number 2.And in the front row is BorisContinue reading “Corbyn’s clothes”