Dreams and Reality

Theresa May had a childhood dream to become Prime Minister.Most healthy people have dreams as youngsters of their future.Mine was to play for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.But in one’s teenage years such dreams invariably evaporate, and you get on with the game of life. Theresa’s didn’t.The dream remained her driving force until 2016, when followingContinue reading “Dreams and Reality”

What the Tories are doing for Nursing

Disingenuous? Or a good old fashioned porky Pie I was sad to read this post from a nurse It brought tears to my eyes: “Well NHS…. I’m 7 months post qualification and you have broken me. Today, I arrived on duty (after being called in due to low staffing levels) to there being 2 of usContinue reading “What the Tories are doing for Nursing”

Je suis un opportuniste

A chancer is the British slang for a scheming opportunist. It means someone who takes advantage of a situation and manipulates others, exploiting it for their own gain.We had in the UK a variety show Opportunity Knocks, which took unknown but talented artists and occasionally turned them into stars!Lynne and I lived next door to one unknown,Continue reading “Je suis un opportuniste”

Psychopath’s have problems too

Dear Prime Minister Theresa May Hope you have fun when you see Donald Trump next week. If you don’t you can always catch a Broadway show or two this weekend. And do grab a burger at White Castle.Donald’s politics puts you in mind of White Castle’s original slider, easily digestible but just as easily pooed.Continue reading “Psychopath’s have problems too”