Toxic Christianity

Donald Trump’s survival as President relies on the support of many lunatics, amongst them a bizarre a collection of right wing evangelical “Christians”. I remember at Trump’s inauguration the son of  Billy Graham, Franklin, praised God for the man that many of us see as the Devil incarnate. You were wrong, Franklin, and your dad would turn overContinue reading “Toxic Christianity”

All my loving I will send to you

The last three blogs I have written focused on Budhism, Christianity, and Islam.Often these faiths are portrayed as being exclusive.But I here focus on their mutuality. The top photo is that of Muslims forming a human chain to stop extremists from entering and disrupting a Christian church in Lahore, Pakistan,the second largest city in the countryContinue reading “All my loving I will send to you”

Bishops glad to be gay?

What on earth is the Church of England doing?I’m no gay, but some of the most understanding and wonderful people I’ve ever met are.On the other hand, the intensity of pressure that homosexuals live through means it’s no surprise when many gays are screwed up. But for the Church of England to pronounce that homosexualContinue reading “Bishops glad to be gay?”