Oh-oh-oh what a lovely war!

Press this link in this title to go to a beautiful war song The headline is sarcastic because relying on violence to settle a dispute has never worked. It’s not lovely. It’s ugly. This year at 11.00 on 11th Nov 1918 many of us remembered the 100 years since the end of the 1914-18 Great War, named “the war to endContinue reading “Oh-oh-oh what a lovely war!”

Christmas began with Christ

Christmas celebrations have evolved much since Mary gave birth to Jesus. 200 years ago children, now at the centre of festivities were excluded from participating, the have-nots existed to serve the wealthy, and need elsewhere in the world was ignored. So did the birth of Jesus change things? Not really. The word Christmas may start with “Christ” but the importantContinue reading “Christmas began with Christ”