Paella is on heaven’s menu tonight

 Sue! – Paella’s on the menu tonight Dearest SueMany of the senior men in heaven were fishermen.This means they will have learned many years ago how to cook the fruit of the sea. I also cook a mean paella. Do you remember when the summer before last, I cooked it for you, John, and Lynne whichContinue reading “Paella is on heaven’s menu tonight”

Mammy You’ll Never Walk Alone

Mammy will never walk alone I left Mammy on her 98th birthday at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, noon yesterday, as she drifted in and out of consciousness, hallucinating, often in pain from the struggle to breathe through infected lungs. The compassionate and professional medical team there (thank God for the NHS) were incomparable. The detail of myContinue reading “Mammy You’ll Never Walk Alone”

Two love birds RIP

Until a few years ago we kept geese named Charles and Camilla. Many’s the night that after serving them their evening meal I’d squat with them in a dark shed and put the world to rights.Do you know that geese can easily live 30 years or more?One day we woke up to find Camilla spread-eagled by the shed. She’dContinue reading “Two love birds RIP”