On not being a Christian

The Abrahamic Faiths should get along I’m firm friends with a New York Jewish couple.I love them to bits.By upbringing I’m a Christian.I speak with Muslims on most days when Muslim taxi-drivers take me to and from town.A difference between Jews, Christians and Muslims is that although all are Abrahamic (flowing from the Father Abraham), JewsContinue reading “On not being a Christian”

Bullying, with and without red noses

An unfunny joker Last weekend I saw a video of The US First Lady, Michelle Obama, making a scathing attack on bullying.If you haven’t seen it check it out below.Bullying is one of the most distasteful features of life in the 21st century.Bullies invariably pick on weaker members of society; women, the very young, theContinue reading “Bullying, with and without red noses”

Growing up

Some never grow up There are babies, children and then most of us then become adults.But it doesn’t end there, for if we live long enough our minds eventually become less focussed. Some quicker than others.  The timing of the transition from one stage to the next is very individual. Some happily embrace change. Others findContinue reading “Growing up”

Happy Birthday Lynne. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Happy Birthday Lynne, March 17. And a Happy St Patrick’s Day to everyone else. To celebrate the day we’ll be at a Dubliner’s concert in Manchester on Paddy’s Day.The Dubliners began 50 years ago, in 1962, and I feature the Irish song “The Irish Rover”,  as an improbable journey of Irish immigrants in the 19th century toContinue reading “Happy Birthday Lynne. Happy St Patrick’s Day.”

Bishops glad to be gay?

What on earth is the Church of England doing?I’m no gay, but some of the most understanding and wonderful people I’ve ever met are.On the other hand, the intensity of pressure that homosexuals live through means it’s no surprise when many gays are screwed up. But for the Church of England to pronounce that homosexualContinue reading “Bishops glad to be gay?”