Death at Easter

Should death ever be sent to the Refuse Bin? Easter is an excellent time to talk about life, and death.My number one man, Jesus, was crucified on Good Friday. George, en route to the cattery in the sky My number one cat, George, had a stroke, and is now walking round in circles, until the grim reaperContinue reading “Death at Easter”


Easter. Were you there?

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I highlighted the tacky way Prime Minister Theresa May tried to cement Brexit to this Easter weekend. Was she there when they crucified our Lord?Perhaps she was, but I guess she wasn’t.From what’s coming out of her Tory ministry I don’t detect the loving and sacrificial message I hear from God, Allah,Continue reading “Easter. Were you there?”

Happy Easter

Hallelujah is such a wonderful word, don’t you think?Jesus made it unforgettable.And Leonard Cohen made it rememorable. Unfortunately it literally means “God be praised”, which is a direct translation of the words IS fanatics used shortly before detonating the explosives wrapped around their bodies, murdering hundreds of victims. This Easter let’s remember forgiveness and newContinue reading “Happy Easter”

What is Easter about anyway?

In 3 month’s time I’ll be celebrating my son’s wedding at a several hundred year old church in Suffolk. The opening hymn is a bit of a jig, which sets my feet tapping every time I hear it.But listen closely to the words of the attached You Tube video and recognise a seriousness to the pieceContinue reading “What is Easter about anyway?”