Good, Bad, and Ugly

September 2017 has been a mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly.I experienced the Good because a good portion of my late teens and early twenties was spent in New Jersey, where I lived my life to the soundtrack of Carol King, the Carpenters, and Led Zeppelin.The musical Beautiful is a tribute to oneContinue reading “Good, Bad, and Ugly”

Strong stable leadership with UKIP help?

It’s time for reflection before the last full week of electioneering begins tomorrow. The ad agency that dreamt up the wacky, tacky but essentially inaccurate creative thought that Theresa May could be successfully projected as a “strong and stable” pivot around which a Tory election landslide might be built got it wrong.  When an adContinue reading “Strong stable leadership with UKIP help?”

Is the risk too big?

Alongside is a scan of a leaflet pushed through my letterbox last week.The punch line of this propagandist (partnered by a pre-school designer), is that the risk of “outsider” Corbyn winning the June 8 General Election “…is just too big to take”The drama was heightened by an expensive full colour print job. The copywriter who penned the leafletContinue reading “Is the risk too big?”

Corbyn’s clothes

How does David Cameron have the cheek to try and belittle Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn  because of his clothes?My advice to Jeremy is that he wears a copy of Oxford University’s Bollinger Club outfit to the next PM Question Time.The original suit cost £1,000!!!!!!!!David Cameron is number 2.And in the front row is BorisContinue reading “Corbyn’s clothes”

The community must pay

The reason for the NHS It’s difficult to have principles when you’re under a spotlight, as Jeremy Corbyn now is.Not singing the National Anthem at a war veterans event will have hurt some, but the Queen isn’t one of them. I’ve watched many England footballers when “God Save the Queen” is sung close their eyes soContinue reading “The community must pay”

The enemy is within

Jeremy Corbyn continues to ride high in the polls.   And the prospect of having him as PM doesn’t keep me awake at night, in sharp contrast to how I felt about the prospect of extremist Margaret Thatcher leading the country, 30 years ago.  The reason is simple.From what we know of Corbyn he thinks ofContinue reading “The enemy is within”