Watford, Saturday night’s alright

Well done John Wade. And Elton too. Your team has an unbelievable amount of talent (for a teeny weeny little town in the insignificant south of Ingerland. I wish you well in the Premier league but hope that Wednesday give you a bloody nose as a send off when the teams meet at 12.15 tomorrow. WatfordContinue reading “Watford, Saturday night’s alright”

Blasts from my past. You are so…

This blast from my past is understandably  my most meaningful serenade to date, to my wife at our wedding breakfast, as we kicked off a night of celebration. It was the song popularised by that talented Sheffield man Joe Cocker, of Woodstock fame, and you should click below to see one of his renditions of this greatContinue reading “Blasts from my past. You are so…”