The season begins

Dearest Accrington, Arsenal, Bolton (wild card), Bury, Fulham, Leeds, Liverpool, QPR, Newcastle, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham, Watford fans, and last but not least, Frickley Athletic… This weekend is really the big kick off. The race begins nowOr as they say in La belle France, La course commence maintenant.Relire, car c’est une partie de vos études Or as they say in l’AngleterreRead itContinue reading “The season begins”

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Not since 1966 when Kenneth Wolstenholme broadcast that memorable phrase “…they think it’s all over. It is now” have I seen as dramatic a football match on the telly as I did last night.Brian, my son in law (well not really, not yet) was in Germany for the first leg but last night was holidaying inContinue reading “You’ll Never Walk Alone”