13 years on

Thirteen years ago today was a sunny day in Accrington, England as it was in NYNY.Why I was watching the TV I don’t know, but in mid afternoon as I was waiting forLynne to arrive home from school I was riveted by viewing scenes of remarkable heroism against a backcloth of calculated evil. https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/Clur96dcwZ0&source=udsA coupleContinue reading “13 years on”

Good night, Hayley. God bless

Hayley and Roy as neighbours saw them at Christmas Hayley Cropper died tonight in the soap Coronation Street.According to both me and St Paul at the very least, Hayley was someone who loved a lot. She was very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. She didn’t demandContinue reading “Good night, Hayley. God bless”

Your talents float to the top

My darling LynneTomorrow we celebrate our wedding anniversary.I love you so much.Will you still love me tomorrow?I really hope so – from now till eternity.You’re a beautiful artist.Just look at Facebook Grafitti.Lynne Armstrong, in worldwide competition is always there or thereabouts. Why? Because you’re very talented. Thatcher was talented too.But what makes you different is that you have compassion. http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/A4Rp15gEg54&source=udsTonightContinue reading “Your talents float to the top”

Whatever love means…

Today would have been the 36th wedding anniversary of me and Danila. But half the number of marriages in the UK now end in divorce, and we added to these statistics in the late 1990’s.What’s important, however is the value we have brought and continue to bring to our children during and since that relationship faltered.Tonight Danila willContinue reading “Whatever love means…”

That’s the deal…

Hi Jonathan and Alice Lynne has disappeared to the bedroom all afternoon. I know where my lover and wife has gone -it’s to see Shadowlands, a movie of the relationship between CS Lewis and Joy Gresham. Not for the 2nd time, but for the nth time. “Why love if losing hurts so much?” asks Anthony Hopkins.He concludes that:“the pain nowContinue reading “That’s the deal…”