Happy birthday, sweetheart!

My adorable wife was born on St Patrick’s day,71 years ago. Happy birthday’ sweet one.1945 was the end of the last big war.It might have been the beginning of socialism in the UK.But it wasn’t to be because the “Never had it so good” generation took hold.How sad. What a cock up they’ve made ofContinue reading “Happy birthday, sweetheart!”

Happy Birthday sweet 69

March 17 is St Patricks Day It’s also my wife’s birthday.  So today I made her a Guinness Stew in our slow cooker. More than 1.8 million pints of Guinness are sold worldwide every year. but since I couldn’t get my hands on any Guinness Extra stout locally, I instead substituted Young’s Chocolate stout, equally rich, thick,Continue reading “Happy Birthday sweet 69”