A Thatcher makeover for May

I well remember Maggie Thatcher’s death 5 years ago. I was working near Trafalgar Square, and as I descended into Charing Cross tube a newspaper vendor hollered “Iron Lady dies, read all about it!” I shouted back, to the surprise of some commuters “She died 40 years too late!” Thatcher, the “milk snatcher” of the early 1970’s, and ourContinue reading “A Thatcher makeover for May”

Easter Message from Maggie May

What a load of cobblers.We all love upbeat motivational prep talks by inspirational leaders, but in comparison, this is as pedestrian as it gets. Clearly focussing on the cue card above the camera, opportunist PM Theresa May tries to integrate the Christian message of Easter (sacrifice, love, and a prosperous eternity) into her Brexit  strategy. She must haveContinue reading “Easter Message from Maggie May”