Stairway to Heaven via the Playoffs ?

Come on Huddersfield My brother Malcolm will today be sat inside the pearly gates toasting the fact that Huddersfield are 90 minutes away from the promised land of the Premier League. His first job, and the start of a career ending as the UK’s leading theatrical pyrotechnician was with Standard Fireworks in Huddersfield.   Me, a diehard SheffieldContinue reading “Stairway to Heaven via the Playoffs ?”

Happy birthday dear brother

Today you would have celebrated your 80th birthday.Lynne and I had a fish supper tonight, as we’ve done each friday in your memory since you died. Today you might have preferred battered cod and chips. As the months pass we’ve developed a liking for all kinds of fish, normally boneless and skinless, and cooked withContinue reading “Happy birthday dear brother”

Joyeux Noël, Je suis Paris

Friday 13th November 2015 Remember, remember the 5thof November. Or was it the 25thof December? Or was it Thanksgiving (when is that?) Perhaps it was the November 13th 2015 in Paris. Notwithstanding the tragedy in Paris this weekend the most evocative time in November in the world calendar has for many years been the 11thhour of theContinue reading “Joyeux Noël, Je suis Paris”

Malcolm’s fishing in Glory

Malcolm Armstrong 1935-2014Gone fishing in Glory Hello my dear big brother It’s been almost 3 months since you were promoted to Glory, and beyond those pearly gates you’ll no doubt have been busy catching up with friends and family you haven’t seen for some time, probably over fish ‘n chips.Oh, and as a surprise, IContinue reading “Malcolm’s fishing in Glory”

No more tears in heaven

Malcolm’s challengesYesterday fireworks, tomorrow the aurora borealis Fable has it that St Peter meets new arrivals at the gates of heaven, and ticks them off in the register. On Wednesday December 3rd, just before the Emmerdale and Corrie Wednesday night double header, three Malcolm Armstrongs turned up at the pearly gates. “Can I help you?” askedContinue reading “No more tears in heaven”

Malcolm’s Story 1935-2014

Sergeant Malcolm Armstrong  Everyone’s story is crafted by the dreams and frustrations of their teenage years, their courting, and how they managed their children in their early years. As children grow up so they slowly understand what makes their parents tick. But with me it wasn’t just my parents that I began to understand, butContinue reading “Malcolm’s Story 1935-2014”

The Rover Returns

MJA in all his finery. Now at peace RIP Malcolm Armstrong 54 years ago today Coronation Street was broadcast for the first time. Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner, and Ken Barlow all strut their stuff just off Quay Street in central Manchester.Sat around black & white 13 inch tellies throughout the land, and most avidly north ofContinue reading “The Rover Returns”