You win some you lose some

This week was one of mixed blessings for Newcastle United. On the positives they drubbed Preston North End, a club like them, with a barrel load of antique silverware, 4-1, to earn a return to the top flight of English football. It’s where the Magpies belong. Less appealing is the news that earlier today managing director Lee CharnleyContinue reading “You win some you lose some”

Bugger you Wonga!

I’m watching the match between my team, Sheffield Wednesday, and Newcastle United.Wednesday won 2-1  but I had a lot of time for Newcastle. Until I saw their shirt, funded by Wonga. Goodness me Newcastle, you have these criminals as a sponsor?They almost got me singing the blues.The brother of my best school friend, Jeff Clarke, playedContinue reading “Bugger you Wonga!”