Jack Charlton July 2020 RIP

. Big Jack Charlton left the planet yesterday.  As a Sheffield Wednesday fan I naturally loved a blunt northern  manager who brought considerable talents to the club for 5 years from 1977. I also met him at a company do and shook the legend’s hand. And earlier this month Vera Lynn, a vision I neverContinue reading “Jack Charlton July 2020 RIP”

Good luck Carlos Carvalhal

Good luck Carlos Last week a terrific coach was sacked by my team’s owners, Sheffield Wednesday. The reason, always  was results. Whether politics, business, or football, you’re often judged on short term results. I worked for many years in retail, where yesterday’s sales numbers are vital. Long term success isn’t part of the equation. It’sContinue reading “Good luck Carlos Carvalhal”

Good, Bad, and Ugly

September 2017 has been a mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly.I experienced the Good because a good portion of my late teens and early twenties was spent in New Jersey, where I lived my life to the soundtrack of Carol King, the Carpenters, and Led Zeppelin.The musical Beautiful is a tribute to oneContinue reading “Good, Bad, and Ugly”

The season begins

Dearest Accrington, Arsenal, Bolton (wild card), Bury, Fulham, Leeds, Liverpool, QPR, Newcastle, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham, Watford fans, and last but not least, Frickley Athletic… This weekend is really the big kick off. The race begins nowOr as they say in La belle France, La course commence maintenant.Relire, car c’est une partie de vos études Or as they say in l’AngleterreRead itContinue reading “The season begins”

Stairway to Heaven via the Playoffs ?

Come on Huddersfield My brother Malcolm will today be sat inside the pearly gates toasting the fact that Huddersfield are 90 minutes away from the promised land of the Premier League. His first job, and the start of a career ending as the UK’s leading theatrical pyrotechnician was with Standard Fireworks in Huddersfield.   Me, a diehard SheffieldContinue reading “Stairway to Heaven via the Playoffs ?”

The beauty of Ross Barkley

Ross Barkley as I like to see him, as an Owl  Today I learned that former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie has been suspended from the The Sun newspaper after writing a column that when he sees footballer Ross Barkley he gets “a similar feeling when seeing a gorilla at the zoo”’.This because Ross has a Nigerian grandfather.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bless you Rupert Murdoch for suspendingContinue reading “The beauty of Ross Barkley”

You win some you lose some

This week was one of mixed blessings for Newcastle United. On the positives they drubbed Preston North End, a club like them, with a barrel load of antique silverware, 4-1, to earn a return to the top flight of English football. It’s where the Magpies belong. Less appealing is the news that earlier today managing director Lee CharnleyContinue reading “You win some you lose some”

Mind the Gap

I remember in the late 1970’s being a member of the London Owls.Supporters of Sheffield Wednesday who happened to live in London.We travelled by mini-coach to see Sheffield Wednesday play away in the grimmest of places.Shrewsbury, Leytonstone, Cardiff. Not Barcelona, Milan or Munich. Grim, but lovely experiences. Wednesday supporters invariably massively outnumbered opposition fans. NeverContinue reading “Mind the Gap”

Winning…and Losing

So what’s it all about? My football team, Sheffield Wednesday, has won several games on the trot, and you could be forgiven for thinking they will end the season champions.Nice dream, but unfortunately not realistic.On the other hand the England rugby union team are now out of the World Cup, having last night lost toContinue reading “Winning…and Losing”