Is it all over?

Tonight Sheffield Wednesday play Manchester City in the League cup.With spending of £930 million in 1993 the league champions from Manchester will be odds on favorites to win the match, but Wednesday hope to put up a creditable fight, and in the best traditions of underdogs everywhere pull off a win.I remember being on theContinue reading “Is it all over?”

they think it’s all over…

Ross Barkley – England’s man of the tournament? If England make headway in the World Cup, Ross Barkley could well become the star of the show.Undoubtedly he has more talent in his boots than anyone in Brazil bar Pele, as anyone who saw him grace the ranks of Sheffield Wednesday, when he was on loan fromContinue reading “they think it’s all over…”

Enemies within

Boxing Day Massacre! Winston Churchill coined the phrase “enemies within” to describe those Tories who were not happy with his government.Today we bought four tickets for the Blackburn Rovers v Wednesday game on Boxing Day.We are, I suppose, also enemies within, because though I live 5 miles from Ewood Park in Accrington all four ofContinue reading “Enemies within”

We win you lose

Wisdom and Courage Wisdom and courage were the favorite virtues the people who founded my favorite football team, Sheffield Wednesday, as they gave the club the motto “Consilio et Animis”, meaning wisdom and courage.Today this same team avoided relegation from the Championship, but was it because of my team’s wisdom and courage? Alas no, it wasContinue reading “We win you lose”

We’re all in it together…aren’t we?

Is the sacrifice the same for all?   The team I support, Sheffield Wednesday,  are currently in the relegation zone, and the manager is saying that all of us, players, staff, and supporters have to stick together and fight our way out of the mess. “We’re all in it together” he broadcast yesterday.We’ve lost again onContinue reading “We’re all in it together…aren’t we?”

that’s why they call it the blues

Sheffield Wednesday are an under-performing football club. With a bag full of supporters they do worse than you’d expect.Tonight they play Watford, Elton John’s favourite team, albeit at home.I’d hoped the Owls would win. But no, they lost by a hat full of goals, 4-1. This will be another nail in the manager’s coffin, because failure onContinue reading “that’s why they call it the blues”

Was Thatcher to blame for police cover-up?

As a Sheffield Wednesday supporter from the South Yorkshire coalfield who made his first speech at an NUS conference when Jack Straw was president of NUS I feel I have something to add to this debate. Was Thatcher to blame for the Hillsborough police cover-up? You may well ask is the Pope a catholic? ThatcherContinue reading “Was Thatcher to blame for police cover-up?”