Jack Charlton July 2020 RIP

. Big Jack Charlton left the planet yesterday.  As a Sheffield Wednesday fan I naturally loved a blunt northern  manager who brought considerable talents to the club for 5 years from 1977. I also met him at a company do and shook the legend’s hand. And earlier this month Vera Lynn, a vision I neverContinue reading “Jack Charlton July 2020 RIP”

Kick it Out

Football crowd in Serbia taunting Spurs players and supporters Arrests at football matches in England and Wales last season were the lowest on record. The number of arrests made for racist and indecent chants has fallen my a massive 76 per sent since 2000, with just 21 people detained last season.  Most detained by the boysContinue reading “Kick it Out”

Who’s the Wally with the Lolly?

So Fabio Capello is no more. Deceased. Arrivederci.  He’s now 6 million pounds richer, though we were given to understand that money is not  important to Fabio and that he was only after retirement pin money when he signed a multi million pound contract with the English FA in 2007. To his credit Capello tookContinue reading “Who’s the Wally with the Lolly?”