Mrs May’s P45 joke

Cough it up, love. That’s what miners did. Your P45 is only a prop The lengths people go to to stay in power!A rehearsed “comic” stunt as a professional prankster handed Theresa May a fake P45 at the beginning of her closing Conference speech was the high point of her dull, uninspiring babble.But collusion in suchContinue reading “Mrs May’s P45 joke”

The writing is on the wall

Can the Prime Minister read it? Vicar’s daughter Theresa May will know that in the book of Daniel a magical hand appears at a banquet thrown by King Belshazzar and writes on the wall facing the king. Daniel (he of Lion’s Den fame) was the only person who could decipher the script and his interpretationContinue reading “The writing is on the wall”

Is June the end of May?

Cuddly Theresa May 2017  It’s not good, but it could have been worse.Constitutional practice gives the Prime Minister the right to decide when to hold a General Election. PM Theresa May therefore chose the time of the election when Jeremy Corbyn was at his weakest in the polls.The cost of holding a general election is equalContinue reading “Is June the end of May?”

You can fool all the people…

You can fool all some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but never all the people, all of the time.You will remember that as a young boy George Washington owned up to cutting down his father’s cherry tree, and his honesty increased his as Presidential attraction. Honesty is aContinue reading “You can fool all the people…”

Theresa. What did you do?

But it gets worse… It’s a tad awkward to arrive at Number 10 Downing Street with no popular mandate, only a history of failure.And awkward becomes embarrassing when you walk hand in hand with your sexist chum, man child Donald Trump.But embarrassing becomes painful when your cuts in policing result in hundreds of deaths andContinue reading “Theresa. What did you do?”

Is the risk too big?

Alongside is a scan of a leaflet pushed through my letterbox last week.The punch line of this propagandist (partnered by a pre-school designer), is that the risk of “outsider” Corbyn winning the June 8 General Election “…is just too big to take”The drama was heightened by an expensive full colour print job. The copywriter who penned the leafletContinue reading “Is the risk too big?”

Can you trust May?

Not all politicians are in it for their own good.But this lass is. A few weeks ago Theresa May said there isn’t going to be a general election before 2020. Today she changed her mind and announced an election on June 8th. Before the Brexit vote she favoured remaining in the EU.Once she became PM she became an articulate Brexiteer.Did she goContinue reading “Can you trust May?”

Easter Message from Maggie May

What a load of cobblers.We all love upbeat motivational prep talks by inspirational leaders, but in comparison, this is as pedestrian as it gets. Clearly focussing on the cue card above the camera, opportunist PM Theresa May tries to integrate the Christian message of Easter (sacrifice, love, and a prosperous eternity) into her Brexit  strategy. She must haveContinue reading “Easter Message from Maggie May”