Je suis un opportuniste

A chancer is the British slang for a scheming opportunist. It means someone who takes advantage of a situation and manipulates others, exploiting it for their own gain.We had in the UK a variety show Opportunity Knocks, which took unknown but talented artists and occasionally turned them into stars!Lynne and I lived next door to one unknown,Continue reading “Je suis un opportuniste”

Psychopath’s have problems too

Dear Prime Minister Theresa May Hope you have fun when you see Donald Trump next week. If you don’t you can always catch a Broadway show or two this weekend. And do grab a burger at White Castle.Donald’s politics puts you in mind of White Castle’s original slider, easily digestible but just as easily pooed.Continue reading “Psychopath’s have problems too”

Sexuality in Politics

In 2013 Margaret Thatcher died in the RitzAt the time I had a contract ½ mile away on The Strand, and after work I walked 100 yards to Charing Cross station on the first leg of my return to the hotel.As I did I heard an Evening Standard newspaper vendor holler “Read all about it – Iron Lady dead”, IContinue reading “Sexuality in Politics”

Look Behind You!

BGT failures Gove, Leadsom,Crabb, May, and Gove The winner of the current Tory party leadership contest (candidates in the first round ballot are pictured opposite) is unlikely to be as well received at the Royal Variety Performance on December 6th as the winner of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent competition, Lance Corporal Richard Jones (see YouTubeContinue reading “Look Behind You!”

May we become leader?

Unflattering but recognisable cartoon of  stressed vicar’s daughter Theresa May Theresa May made a speech at the Conservative Party conference this week designed to launch her candidacy for the Tory Party leadership.Unfortunately she picked the wrong speech.It was savaged by the Daily Telegraph, for many years an articulate rag of Tory propaganda (if such a beastContinue reading “May we become leader?”