Living in fantasy

Everywhere you go on the web there is fantasy. Unreality, disguised as its opposite.Computer games where make believe tanks blow up others in a cartoon belch of fire. Sexual fantasies fueled by man’s never-ending itch. They all remind you of the best fantasy story ever told, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Alarmingly, fantasy away fromContinue reading “Living in fantasy”


You’re fired!

Narcissistic psychopaths?   I’ve never seen a full episode of The Apprentice, a TV program showcasing the big mouths of Donald Trump and Alan Sugar, but the deference that many have for their bullying is alarming.Lewis Carroll wrote a fantasy novel more than 150 years ago about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, in which he coined the phrase “OffContinue reading “You’re fired!”

Easter. Were you there?

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I highlighted the tacky way Prime Minister Theresa May tried to cement Brexit to this Easter weekend. Was she there when they crucified our Lord?Perhaps she was, but I guess she wasn’t.From what’s coming out of her Tory ministry I don’t detect the loving and sacrificial message I hear from God, Allah,Continue reading “Easter. Were you there?”

USA, what have you done?

Tomorrow, St Patrick’s Day, is my beautiful wife’s 72nd birthday.As usual she’ll feed the cats before we make love and prepare to face the day.We live in a world where the joys of pet welfare and sex have to fit in around unsavory events.   The US Presidential farce continues! Hilarious television, but America, what on earthContinue reading “USA, what have you done?”

Why we hate Trump

John Bercow, Speaker of the mother of democracy. the UK House of Commons, said yesterday that Donald Trumpwould not be allowed to address the House of Commons in his forthcoming visit to the UK. This, despite being invited here by our Prime Minister Theresa May at last month’s touchy feely encounter at the White House.Continue reading “Why we hate Trump”

Bullying, with and without red noses

An unfunny joker Last weekend I saw a video of The US First Lady, Michelle Obama, making a scathing attack on bullying.If you haven’t seen it check it out below.Bullying is one of the most distasteful features of life in the 21st century.Bullies invariably pick on weaker members of society; women, the very young, theContinue reading “Bullying, with and without red noses”

Trump = Hitler?

The current US Presidential election has much in common with the German political farce of the early 1930’s. Hitler demonized Jews.Trump demonized Muslims. Hitler trivialized women, serially.Trump abused them, serially. Hitler’s supporters were fanatical.As are Trump’s. In the long term Hitler was a loser.Hopefully Trump will last no longer than a very short term.

Barmy US Christians

I was brought up an evangelical Christian (Pentecostal), and though I left when my hormones kicked in, I’m grateful for my grounding in morality, based on Jesus Christ’s teachings. It’s therefore with much heartache I learned that recent research in the US shows 78% of white evangelical voters in the US  would vote for TrumpContinue reading “Barmy US Christians”