Cambazola is the Queen of cheeses

My father in law was a love. The wine he drank was probably rubbish. He made it from a hundred weight of grapes imported from Sicily each summer, to Suffolk. He and his wife Iride made the wine in an outhouse on the farm.There is no wine if it’s not red, Walter would say.He was born nearContinue reading “Cambazola is the Queen of cheeses”

Education, education, education…

Letter to Mammy and to the the New York and London chapters of the Armstrong clan. As the year kicks off I’m reminded how those of us that have been reared in the northern hemisphere have been conditioned to associate each month with specific events. September means the start of the school year and theContinue reading “Education, education, education…”

son tanto felice alla fine tu sei un Santo

The ghost of Christmas Presentwith Want and Ignorance  Eight years ago last night my father in law celebrated his first night in heaven, after being killed in a tractor accident, on Ringers Farm, his pig farm, in East Anglia.At his funeral I reminded a packed church that he would enjoy sitting at the dinner table specially erected forContinue reading “son tanto felice alla fine tu sei un Santo”